Culpeper County School System 5th Grade Class

October 9th and 10th


We will have several exhibitors set up displays in 7 different 60×60 hangars as we bring over the entire Culpeper 5th grade class over in groups to work through the exhibits. The Culpeper Air Fest is extremely excited to offer this program again this year! It is part of our ongoing goal to provide educational opportunities to our community.

Last Year Students Experienced…


Commemorative Air Force: WWII Aircraft Displays

Nieuport: Restoration of 105 year old Nieuport aircraft

Carter CAT: Demonstration of engine tuning & robotic leveling

Bingham & Taylor: Mini Forge Station

Cedar Mountain Stone/Chemung Contracting: Green asphalt display to learn about components of building roads

Micron Technology: Exploring memory through a new dimension

Germanna Community College: Virtual Welders and engineering simulation using drones

Germanna EMS Program: Ambulance tour and static scenario

Culpeper Model Barnstormers: Model demos, static displaysand discussion

Culpeper Robotics: Coding exercises and robotics play

CTEC Electrical Students: Solar go-kart demonstration

CTEC NTHS: Building of paper airplanes

PHI Air Medical: Helicopter tour

Euro-Composites: Display including parts and structures of airplanes

REC: Demonstration of electrical principles

SHINE: Mobile solar unit

Altron Foundation: Riveting

Pilots For Christ: Plane tour

Nalls Aviation: Plane display