The Performers

This is our 22nd year! The 2022 Air Fest performers and planes are going to be amazing once again after a wonderful return last year. We look forward to announcing our performers soon.


Past Air Fest Performers

Flying Circus
TBM/Val/Pyro (Capital Wing)
Stearman Acro (Dave Brown, Flying Circus)
L39 Demo Flight (Art Nalls)
Pitts #2 (Adam Messenheimer)
Heavy Iron (Grumman Albatross, C47, Beech 18, B25)
Christen Eagle (Paul Dougherty)
T6 Acro (Kevin Russo)
Glider Acro (Manfred Radius)
Chef Pitts (Clemens Khlulig)
Stunt Helicopter (Steve Nixon)
T28 Acro (Joe Edwards)
MXS Acro (Scott Francis)
Parachute Demo (3rd Dimension)
Hurricane/Spitfire (Military Aviation Museum)
Heritage Flight (Harrier/Hurricane/Spitfire)
Redline Airshows
Miss Virginia
Manfred Radius
Warrior Flight Team
Dougherty Airshows